“The Management and staff of M/S ORISSA BORE WELL  Are committed to comply and continually improve the effectiveness of our established Integrated Management System in all aspect of our operation”

 M/S ORISSA BORE WELL. (OB) provides service in the field of geo-technical investigations, pile foundation and specialized in ground work engineering and construction of  sub structure project.

 M/S ORISSA BORE WELL: expects all its employees to share the responsibility for the quality of its service.

 M/S ORISS BORE WELL: dedicates itself to providing quality service conforming to agreed standards to meet the customer’s requirements. 

 We shall strive and provide to our customers a high standard of professional and reliable services specialist in pile foundation project geotechnical, Deep excavation, Deep Boring and retain to earth of souring pile foundation  and specialized in ground work engineering with construction of sub –structure project work and shall maintain an efficient quality assurance system to the satisfaction of our customers by involving all our employees.

 Our quality policy shall be sincerely expressed in all our activities and efforts.